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About us

We’re a group of specialists who, having experienced the continually changing IT landscape, recognise the challenges many businesses face in maintaining strong performance. Our programmes help both IT buyers and sellers to better understand this landscape and how best to exploit it.

Business Readiness

Affinitas is an industry expert providing specialist consultancy to improve effectiveness and helping to build stronger businesses.

We believe that giving businesses something to stand for elevates value in real terms, resulting in both an increase in perception and bottom line profit. This ‘Currency to Trade’ improves competitiveness and creates a Point of Difference.

With a deep understanding of the IT sector, our approach focuses on Business Readiness, a multi-disciplined consultancy service to help drive business growth and improve both sales and brand performance.

Our five core disciplines include Knowledge Management, which identifies how best to leverage business knowledge and IP for competitive advantage.

Business Assessment helps evaluate performance and introduce improvements. These ‘Business Readiness’ programmes are tailored to your particular needs and result in ‘I Am’ scores that help you determine just how business ready you are.

Continuous evaluation and improvement is essential and our Business Intelligence discipline ensures that everything we do continues to build stronger businesses.

Engagement Strategies look at how businesses communicate and help to establish stronger and more profitable relationships between those who buy IT and those who sell it.

Our Performance Analysis provides continual assessment to ensure that relationships develop, create value and process, increase satisfaction and drive stronger ROI.

The Affinitas Framework

Our strategic planning methodology helps determine Business Readiness, apply industry best practice and introduce tools and procedures for greater efficiency and continual improvement.